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      • Zhuhai Dar-ing Trading Co.,LTD was established in 1992. Locates in Zhuhai Guangdong,Chongqing and Shanghai. We are main distributor of TPI ball bearing, NTK oil seal,Morse chain, SYI need bearing, Typass tire sealant. We are experienced in supply parts to industries such as: automobile motor, motorcycle, industry motor, CNC machinery (spindle& ball screw supporting block bearing), power tools, recreational boat motor, fitness equipments. Our customers include: Grand River Motorcycle, Qingqi Suzuki, Kymko, BOSCH, CHCD (Chengdu Hua Chuan Dianzhuan), Chana Auto Co. Ltd. We are specialized in pre-market sales. We are looking for long term partnership and to be  able to grow with our customers. 

      • Haojue Holdings
      • Qingqi Suzuki
      • Lifan Industry
      • Loncin Holdings
      • Changzhou Haojue
      • BorgWarner
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